Text of Presidential Unit Citation

“For extraordinary heroism in action as support destroyer on radar picket station number 15 during an attack by approximately100 enemy Japanese planes, 40 miles northwest of the Okinawa Transport Area, May 11, 1945. Fighting valiantly against waves of hostile suicide planes plunging toward her from all directions, the USS EVANS sent up relentless barrages of anti-aircraft fire during one of the most furious air-sea battles of the war. Repeatedly finding her targets, she destroyed 14 enemy planes, assisted in downing three others and, by her vigilance and superb battle readiness, avoided damage to herself until subjected to a coordinated attack by five Japanese planes. Shooting one down clear of the ship, she was crashed by the other four with devastating effect. With all engineering spaces flooded and with a fire raging amidships, the gallant officers and men of the EVANS fought desperately against almost insurmountable odds and, by their indomitable determination, fortitude and skill, brought the damage under control, enabling their ship to be towed to port and saved. Her brilliant performance in this action reflects the highest credit upon the EVANS and the United States Naval Services.”

Listen to a narration from the Evans Room aboard the USS Alabama.

Read about Shipmate Roy Crosby being awarded the Purple Heart 60 years after the action of May 11.

Read a letter sent home during the war by Jack Alderige.

Mike Staton's book, "The Fighting Bob," was published on May 11, 2001. Mike is the son of the late shipmate James Edward Staton.

It is now available for sale, $36.95 for hardcover and $21.95 for softcover and includes shipping by media mail ($5.00 for priority mail). You can order an autographed copy by e-mailing Mike at

If you would like some great spot for all kinds of naval attire, check out Richard's Military Post Exchange . Richard's wife is the niece of Ed Cherry - radioman aboard the Evans.

According to Mike Staton, Ian Hall, an artist from Woodside, CA, created an outstanding print of the USS Evans for him. To see it and prices, go to Ian's Home Page .

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