Photos on this page provided by Mike Staton, son of the late shipmate Jim Staton and author of The Fighting Bob: A Wartime History of the USS Robley D. Evans (DD-552).

Top row, left to right: Charles Metzger GM3C, Joseph Horvath GM3C, Peter Zasowski GM3C, Raymond Maanika GM3C, Charles Baker GM3C. Middle row, left to right: Dale Rawson GM3C, Henry Handley GM2c, Elmer Hepburn GM3C, Robert Cowan GM2C, Pasquale Costanzo GM2C. Bottom row, left to right: Carl Knefeli GM1C, Edward Green GM2C, Leonard Bisgrove, CGM, Michael Keda, GM2C, Robert Bouchard, GM1C.

Stan Stanhope, Don Shetter, George Downey, FX Canty, and Pat Macciocca show a plaque that was made by Albert Wertz, a retired chief warrant officer who served on the tender Prairie, which towed the Evans into Okinawa. It was made from one of the kamikazes which has crashed into the Evans and two of the aircraft's bullets. It was presented to the Evans crew by Neville Williams, Wertz's step-son.

Ray Monpat, Wendell Larson and Roy Crosby. Mr. Larson assisted with the Evans' gunners in shooting down the final kamikaze on May 11.
Mike Staton, son of the late shipmate Jim Staton, with crewmember Clemmie Shreve and his brother Jack.
Commander Wev is welcomed aboard to take command of the Evans. Change of command as Commander Wev relieves Commander Camp, Nov. 1944.
Captain Wev inspects the crew of his new destroyer, the USS Evans. Commander Robert J. Archer relieves Commander Bosquet N. Wev.
Commander Floyd C. Camp Lt. Nicholson, chief snipe of DD552.
Officers of the Evans pose for a photograph while at anchor in Ulithi (Jan. 1945). (front l to r) E. Flynn, W. Blake, B. Wev, J. Gilpin, M. O'Hearn, H. Nicholson (middle l to r) J. Allderidge, R. Maas, J. Smith, A. Lorentson, M. Pennell, M. Underwood, R. Brown, A. Caire (back l to r) C. Maginnis, L. Nelson, J. Overbeck, W. Herron, W. Lineburgh, H. Jones.
Officers gather for picture with Captain Archer at Mare Island, fall, 1945. Smith and Maginnis admire the scoreboard on the side of the gun director.
Junior officers of the Evans pose on the forward deck. (front l to r) W. Blake, J. Allderidge, A. Caire, L. Nelson, W. Herron (middle l to r) M. Underwood, H. Nicholson (back l to r) C. Maginnis, M. O'Hearn, E. Flynn, J. Smith, M. Pennell.
Underwood, Maginnis, O'Hearn and Flynn. Lt. Flynn calling in range and direction of aircraft during gunnery training.

Nelson, Blake, Allderidge, and Lorentson relax along the lifeline of the DD552.

R. Brown, W. Lineburgh, J. Allderidge and M. Pennell while onboard the Evans.