Destroyer History Foundation's description of The Fighting Bob.

Check here to visit, whose mission is to provide a means for shipmates to keep in touch with one another.

Check here to visit the USS Arikara. The USS Arikara was a Navy Ocean Going Tug. She was laid down as AT 98 on 10 January 1943, and launched on 22 June 1943. The USS Arikara (AT 98) was commissioned on 5 January 1944. The Arikara as well as others of the AT class was re-designated as (ATF 98) on 15 May, 1944. She assisted in salvage work on the Evans on May 11, 1945.

The Capps (DD-550), a sister ship to the Evans, was commissioned on 23 June 1943 and reported to the Atlantic Fleet. After considerable action in the Atlantic, she joined the escort of a troop convoy bound for Pearl Harbor, arriving 20 January 1944.

The Hadley was commissioned on 25 November 1944, decommissioned 15 December 1945 and scrapped shortly after. It lived for only 385 days. She fought beside the Evans on 11 May, 1945, lost 28 shipmates with 67 wounded and, like the Evans, received the Presidential Unit Citation.

Check here to visit the USS Alabama. The ship now sits in the USS ALABAMA MEMORIAL PARK in Mobile, AL. She has a room aboard dedicated to the USS Evans.

Check here to visit Guy Derdall's site which he calls "The Anchor Page for the World's Warships."

Check here to visit the USS Bryant DD 665.

Check here to visit Barbara Trautlein's Home Page. Barbara's father, Fred "Bud" Brainard was an Evans shipmate.

Check here to visit Tin Can Sailors.

Check here to visit the USS Nicholas, DD (DDE) 449, a
World War II-era destroyer whose US Navy career spanned nearly 28 years.

And Check here to see Dave McComb's Destroyer History Foundation. (Dave is the webmaster for the Fletcher Class Destroyers in World War II, USS Nicholas, USS O'Bannon, DesRon 21 and a number of other Naval web sites.)

Click here to read about whose mission is to provide a means for shipmates to keep in touch with one another.

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