Sharpen up those pencils and start writing about what's new in your life. There are lots of shipmates out there who are interested. You can send your information in an email message.

My father was Alfred "Al" Wain who served onboard the Evans. I am writing to inform you that my mother, Lillian Wain, passed away March 18, 2005. She was 77 years old. My mother, unfortunately, never was able to attend one of the Evans reunions due to blindness, but remembered every person through my father's recollections and stories. She always felt honored to be a part of the Evans family, as I do. I am unable to attend this year's reunion, but wish to be kept informed of the future events. My e-mail is

Richard Wain

On November 12, 2004, Barbe Montgomery, daughter of shipmate Harry, asked to have her father’s new address posted here in case someone would like to contact him. He has moved into an assisted living facility: Cordia Commons, 7990 Route 30 Rm. 229, North Huntingdon, PA 15642. Tel: 724 863 2600. Fax: 724 863 1527.

My grandfather was Floyd Sheneman. I see a second or third cousin of mine has already sent in a comment regarding him, but I just wanted to put in my own two cents. As Lynn Brown said, my grandpa died in September of 2003, but it really meant a lot to me to come to your site and find his name. Family history has always been important to me, and I consider this a great chapter in the Sheneman family history. Thank you so much for your site!

Megan Sheneman

P.S. On a side note, my grandpa always kept a model of the Evans in his living room.

My uncle, Floyd Sheneman, served aboard the USS Evans during the May 11th attack. He passed away September 2003, never speaking much of that day. He did spend a fair amount of time at the Ashtabula Harbor in Ohio watching the ships passing through. It's one of my fond childhood memories of him. This web site has provided a respectful view of Navy life during WWII and the information provided is much appreciated.

Lynn Brown

My father, John Allderige, will be turning 80 on July 5, 2003. Of course, his connection and sentiment for the Evans guys is very strong and significant in his life, although I do not know the names of specific people to contact about this. The mailing address for any cards would be: John Allderige 106 Highgate Place Ithaca, NY 14850.
My e-mail is:

Ruth Allderige

I am the son of Herbert T. Crowder, one of your shipmates throughout the commissioned service of USS Evans. My father died of cancer in 1981 in his hometown of Greensboro, NC. He served in the US Navy for over 26 years, retiring as a Master Chief Quartermaster in the late '60s. I entered the Navy in 1970 as a midshipman at the US Naval Academy having been appointed from the state of North Carolina. I am still on active duty (Rear Admiral), serving as the Director, Navy Operations Group on the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations at the Pentagon.

I am interested in hearing from anyone who might have known my father.

Rear Admiral W. Douglas Crowder, USN

I am the oldest son of one of your crew mates. His name is SC1 Arnold William Snedeker. He passed away August 27, 2002, while undergoing heart valve replacement surgery. He was 76. My dad has always talked about the Evans and when I was a little kid he would break out his war stuff and show us kids his pictures and talk and talk, always with a great pride and a very deep respect for his fellow shipmates. He cried often as he spoke and we would realize how important all of his crew mates were to him. He never forgot May 11 and he remembered a lot of names. He worked for 40 years at the post office in Jackson, Michigan, and retired from it. He has four sons and a daughter and was married to my Mom for 53 years.

My name is Gerald Arnold snedeker and am myself a retired Air Force Master Sgt. with two tours in Vietnam. I can assure all of you of the USS Evans that you have my greatest respect and I am truly honored to be the son of one of the crew of the USS Evans. We have some photos from my dad and will get them together and send them to the Evans web site. If any one has any photos of my dad please send a copy to my e-mail address as my mother and all our family would love to see dad in any photo from the war years.

Jerry Snedeker

I'm the baby sister of Herbert James Doyle who was on the USS Evans.
Herb was killed in action on the ship. As of late I have been reading old letters that he received from my mother, letters he wrote to my mother, and letters from his girl friend, and boy pals. Doing all this reminiscing has caused me to grieve allot and feel like that I really missed out allot by not getting to know my brother.

As a mother of two sons I can really relate to the loss that my mother felt. I remember when Herb was killed; I was only 6 at the time . I guess I remember this because of the grieving going on at my home at the time my parents received the news of Herb's death. Mom was on her knees praying, dad was walking up and down in the backyard of our home. I was walking up and down the backyard with my dad not fully realizing what was going on. I did as a small child pick up on the sadness of my mom and dad. I have never forgotten this. I grieved over Herb like I'd been his older sister instead of his baby sister. I would really love to go to the reunion of the USS Evans. I can afford to make the trip. I would like to be put on the address list for information on the next reunion. I would really love to meet some of the men that were on that ship. Also I would love to hear from someone who knew my brother. I realize that may be impossible since so many of the shipmates have deceased. Sure would be great if someone was around that knew Herb. If you could help me in anyway I would appreciate it very much.

Feel free to pass my e-mail address on to anyone who could help me.
Also my address is: Bernice Queen 1331 L. M. Rd. Lucasville, Ohio
45648. Phone 740-259-2011. God bless you.

Bernice Queen

I am the nephew Of Herbert Doyle. My name is Mike Queen. About 15 years ago I was able to have a cross placed at Arlington Cemetary in honor of Herb because he was lost at sea in the May 11, 1945 battle.

If any one may have knew him I would appriciate any information about him. Thanks.

Mike Queen

I am the grandson of shipmate Charles A. Lee, S2C, and I just wanted to express how thankful I am in finding this site as I now have the answers to questions that went unanswered for years. My grandpop has been deceased since 1993, and while he was still with us what happened on that fateful day in 1945 was a subject that would never be opened for discussion. You see he never recovered from what he experienced that day it haunted him until the day he passed the bar. I am grateful for the insight of the crew who passed on their recollections as I'm sure many loved ones have gotten a grasp on the information that has so affected their fathers, brothers and grandfathers. I am truly proud of my grandfather and each and every one of the crew who clearly defined the meaning of the term "uncommon valor."

I would like to request any information on my grandfather, Charles A. Lee, or photographs of him. Thanks.

John C. Lee

I am a daughter-in-law to Floyd E. Spencer and I have just visited the Evans site for the first time. Floyd was with me and, when we saw the bulletin board, we decided to send in a picture of him and his wife Barbara, and give a little update. He and his wife Barbara reside in Ashtabula, Ohio and have 9 children. Three are from a previous marriage for Floyd. He spends his days now enjoying his 13 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. In small doses! He enjoyed very much being able to read the up dates on people he hasn't seen in a long time and also the pictures from the 2001 reunion. We have printed them up so he can try to put names with the faces in the photographs.

Patty Spencer

I am the great niece of Mary Lee Kemp who was killed on the Evans. Although I never knew my Uncle Lee, I was very close with his older brother (my grandfather) and remember many stories about him. Uncle Lee also smiles at my family everyday from his picture in his Navy uniform. To the best of our knowledge, this is the last picture ever taken of him. If anyone has any personal stories about him please e-mail me so I can include them in our family tree notebook I am working on. By the way, Uncle Lee still lives on in namesake with two people in our family named after him, his nephew who he never knew, and my daughter who feels very proud to be named after him. Hats off to all of you.
Katie Sawyer Barker

My name is Paul Stover. My dad was Glenn Melvin Stover. MM2c. AS I read over the other letters it made my heart proud of my dad. I was very interested in reading Barbara Parker's letter since my dad was in the engine room also. He too did not completely get over the bad dreams of the attack.

When I found this web site I could not get away from it. I kept looking at the pictures of the men and the ship. Some of the names were familiar since some of dad's shipmates had visited our home. I had hoped to see a picture of my dad in one of those but I was not able to do that. I have a model of the Evans in my bedroom which will go to my office one of these days. I will always be thankful for what the men of the USS Evans did for this country.

For those men who are still with us, THANK YOU MEN FOR ALL THAT YOU DID.

Sincerly Rev. Paul M. Stover.

The following is a compilation of two messages sent by Barbara Parker, daughter of shipmate Maurice B. Rorex, Jr.

My name is Barbara Parker. my father Maurice B. Rorex served on the Evans from the time it was commissioned. it is such a special thing for me to have discovered the pages about the USS Evans and to actually see pictures of my father on the ship after so many years.

I would love to hear from one of the shipmates who is still living.

I was just thinking of the ship and my father the other day and looked up USS Evans DD552 and there it all was. I was and still am so excited about it. I would like for my children to see all of this, so I will make a booklet of it.

Thank you all for remembering that great ship. I was only 6 years old when my mother and I were allowed to visit the ship. I was in awe of such a "big ship" and still am. My father was so proud of that ship. It was in New Orleans. I never in my 64 years forgot that that ship's name, USS Evans DD552.

I do remember the terror when we were notified of the events of May 11, 1945. I was almost 9 years old. My dad came home on the 1st of August and there was a huge celebration in Houston, Texas. You can be sure we spent a miserable week before naval officers drove up in our yard to tell us that my dad was okay and on his was home, still on the damaged ship. My grandmother fainted when the men came before she could be told that my dad was okay.

Thank you and others like you who have preserved the memory of the USS Evans. The beautiful ship and the incredible men who manned it should never be forgotten.

My father never quit having nightmares about being in the engine room on the day of the attack and being unable to open the hatch. Someone was standing on it. My dad barely had his nose above the water when person moved and helped him out. He never lost his pride in the Navy. He was always proud of it until he died in 1980 of lung problems. He died a proud man and we are all the proud children of the Navy and the USS Evans DD552.

The following message was sent by Mickey Rorex, son of shipmate Maurice B. Rorex, Jr.

My name is Mickey Rorex, my dad served on the Evans, and spoke more passionately about the men he served with than any other thing in his life. He passed away in 1980, but some of my greatest memories of growing up was sitting in his bedroom on those rare occasions when he would tell my brother and me about his experiences and the men he served with. Today I just decided to search the internet for the USS Evans. To my delight, it was not hard. I could do nothing but weep. A grown man of 49, just sat and weeped, and then thanked God for those gallant brave men, and my father was one of them.

If anyone knew my dad, or was told about my dad, M B Rorex, known as Happy to his family, I would love to hear from you. God Bless A proud son of many proud sons.

Mickey Rorex

The following message was sent by Kevin Stone, grandson of shipmate David Stone:

I went to mobile last wek for the first time and toured the USS Alabama. Ifinally got to the Evans room and was greatly appreciative of the artifacts, pictures, and model of the ship.

I cried while Ilistened to the order of battle as the events wound down. Iremembered my grandaddy's war stories from my childhood. Iwas amazed at the accuracy of his retelling after so many years and remembered a lot of the details that Ihad forgotten since his death October 13 1996. his name was David Samuel Stone and he was a simple farmer who never left North Carolina upon returning from the war. Iwould read books to him about World War II and he'd light up when a reference to the evans was made. I dearly miss papa and would like any pictures of him or recollections about him that anyone has. Email me at or call (919) 721-1231. Grandson Kevin Stone, 805 Cool Springs Road, NC 27330.

The following message was sent by Marni Althauser:

June 12th was the 5th anniversary of the death of my father, Lloyd Paulsen, who served aboard the USS Evans during World War II.

Missing him and thinking of him a lot on that day, I decided to search for the USS Evans on the Internet. I was so pleasantly surprised! What a wonderful treat for me, especially today. Until my Dad was older, I had no idea what an impact serving aboard the USS Evans had been to him. Several years before his death, he started talking a lot about his ship and who of his shipmates might still be living. He only had the opportunity to attend one USS Evans Reunion in the early 1990s, but it was extremely important to him and one of the highlights of his life.

If anyone remembers my Dad or has photos of him during those days, I would be most appreciative if they would share them with me. Please E-mail me at

Randy W. Spears, who recently discovered this site, reported that his dad, Paul Warner Spears, passed away on August 13, 1986, of colon cancer. He served on the Evans from 12-19-44 to 10-31-45 as PhM1c, a corpman. "He told me time and again many stories concerning the Evans, especially the May 11, 1945 battle," Randy said. He has searched the internet regarding his father's 20 years in the Navy ever since his death. "I would very much like to hear from anyone who knew him. I can be contacted at or collect at 541-863-5847."

Stu Beals and his sister, Sara Beals, whose father, Kenneth Ray Beals served on the Evans visited the 1999 reunion seeking to speak with everyone who remembered their dad. They brought many photos from their dad's tour with the Evans, and a book titled "Hullabaloo," which he wrote, illustrated and bound on board ship and sent to his girlfriend, Sara O'Connor, who he later married and was their mother. They want to know if anyone remembers this book and his producing it? Stu also interviewed many of his father's surviving shipmates during the reunion for a video he is producing centered around the "Hullabaloo" book and the connections it makes between his dad's life on the Evans and their lives back home in Kansas City. He is very interested in hearing from any shipmates who knew his father but who weren't at the reunion. Anyone can contact Stu by email ( regular mail (3116 W. 28th Circle, Lawrence, KS 66047) or telephone (785-843-02547; call collect and say you're Ken Beals' shipmate, it would make his day!).

Andrew Singer, whose grandfather Jack F. Singer was an Evans shipmate, recently contacted us and is intersted in any recollections anyone would have of his grandfather. You can e-mail him at

Tim Ellis contacted us to tell us he is the son of shipmate Henry Ellis, a torpedoman 1st class. He only recently learned about the Evans Museum in Mobile and has some items he would like to donate to the Museum. He would also like to communicate with people who may have known his father. Anyone with information can e-mail Tim at

Shipmate Jim Pangburn sent these photos aboard the USS Alabama during the 1991 reunion in Mobile, AL. Above are shipmates who attended and below are shipmates, wives, widows and descendants.