USS Evans DD 552 Reunion
May 7, 2011

Dear USS Evans Family and Friends,

Because the cost of holding the reunions has become prohibitive with the limited number of shipmates, family and friends who are able to attend, no decision was made on the 2011 reunion at our business meeting in Washington.

I was given the task to determine if there is an affordable way we can still meet and reunite every two years. One suggestion was to shorten it: e.g. Come in Friday evening, have the memorial ceremony on Saturday and leave for home on Sunday. That would still leave enough time for the fellowship that is of such importance to those of who attend.

I am also looking at "outside the box" solutions, such as finding some company – after the economy improves – that would sponsor a meeting for us. As those of us who attended the reunion in Washington found, WWII veterans are finally being shown the respect of a grateful nation they so richly deserve – our guys were literally treated like rock stars during our tour of the WWII and FDR monuments. (See my blog post.) it is time for businesses to step up to the plate and help them continue to hold their reunions.

Nancy Wilson, Mike Staton and I will continue to search for a solution. Anyone else with some ideas should e-mail me at or call 215-702-3515. I feel confident we will find a solution.

Best regards,
Chuck Thompson

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